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One of the most highly effective tooth replacement procedures you can have for missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants are designed to be effective for life as they are installed directly into your jawbone. Listed below are important facts regarding dental implants:

– Because implants are fitted directly into your jawbone, they will hold strong. Via a process called osseointegration, the fit between implant and bone will strengthen over time.
– Dental implants can prevent the deterioration of your social life and work opportunities that take place if you have missing teeth.
– Your jawbone can be reinforced with dental implants, which will naturally weaken over time if you are missing any teeth.
– Dental implants can be designed to correct spacing malocclusions between teeth.
– Lost and missing teeth weaken your facial structure, which will make you look older than normal. Dental implants can fix a sunken facial structure by restoring missing teeth.

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