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If you ever find yourself wanting to improve your smile with additional techniques and methods to do so, consider alternative methods. If your cleaning habits are at their best, consider adjusting other areas of your life including modifying habits and lifestyle choices you may have. One particular lifestyle choice that can severely alter your oral health is mouth jewelry.

Mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings can damage your mouth in a variety of ways. Depending on the materials involved, you increase the risk of damaging your tooth enamel and your teeth due to cracks and chips. Most mouth jewelry pieces are made of a hard plastic or metal which can wear down your tooth enamel or directly slam into your teeth and cause cracking to occur. If the damage is severe enough, facial trauma can occur.

Furthermore, severe lacerations to your gums and tongue are possible due to mouth jewelry. If any piece of the jewelry breaks off, it can be extremely sharp and lead to severe damage. With tongue rings, nerve damage is especially common depending on where the ring or object is placed. Furthermore, open wounds increase your risk for infections. Infection such as endocarditis and hepatitis are common with individuals who have mouth jewelry. Protect your mouth and your smile by avoiding the risks that come with mouth jewelry.

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