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Many individuals often find themselves surprised at how much your facial aesthetics can change with an ear surgery. Ear surgery, also known as an ear revision or an otoplasty, is a plastic surgery treatment designed to enhance the look of your face by altering your ears. Numerous aspects of your ears can be altered and modified if necessary.

If you’re looking for alterations in the shape of your ears or changes in the positions in which they lie, and otoplasty surgery can help you. It can also increase or decrease the size of your ears and give them a proper proportion to the rest of your head. Even if you have suffered accidents or injuries in the past, we can help treat your ears to give you a better balance for your overall facial appearance.

For more information about cosmetic revisions such as otoplasty enhancements, contact Dr. AJ Stosich at our office in Draper, Utah. Aspire Surgical looks forward to hearing from you. You’re welcome to schedule an appointment with us at 801-576-5910. We look forward to enhancing overall aesthetics and giving you the comfort and peace of mind you desire with an ear revision or any other cosmetic surgery treatment you may desire. We hope to speak with you soon!