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Caring for your oral health extends well beyond brushing and flossing your teeth. In order to ensure your smile works effectively for many years, it is also important to treat and maintain its functionalities with basic speaking in chewing skills. In most cases, the jaw takes the grunt work of any chewing and biting the needs to be done. However, jaw pain may be a sign of an underlying condition that must be treated.

If jaw pain is present, there are many treatments that exist to improve your oral health and restore your job. Although jaw pain is common it may be a potentially serious ailment that is an underlying symptom of an even worse ailment that may require surgery. This includes toothaches, bruxism, gum disease, and TMJ disorders, all of which can wreak severe havoc on your smile.

Treating jaw pain may require the aid of an oral surgeon. Fortunately, through the use of modern technology, x-rays can be used to do accurately determine where your pain is coming from, and we can accurately determine which treatments can be given to correct it.

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