Are you considering a facelift to improve the appearance of your facial features? If so, consider Aspire Surgical’s Smartlift procedure! Smartlift is a modern facelift procedure that uses the Cynosure® Smartlipo® laser to tighten, smooth, and plump your skin. After just one hour, Dr. AJ Stosich can give you a new look with your natural skin. We welcome you to contact us today at 801-576-5910 to learn more about Smartlift with Cynosure® Smartlipo® laser in Draper, Utah, and to schedule your consultation with our doctors.

While facelifts are a common facial cosmetic procedure, Smartlifting is an advanced technique that uses laser technology to give patients a more comfortable, convenient, and efficient facelift. Unlike traditional facelift procedures, the Cynosure® Smartlipo® laser can separate your facial muscles from the layers of your skin with minimal cutting. To do this, the Smartlipo® sends thousands of pulses into your skin. These pulses heat up the tissue and cause a clean separation of muscle and skin tissue. As the laser heats up the tissue, it also causes your tissue to coagulate and simulates the production of collagen, which naturally plumps, tightens, and smooths your skin.

The entire procedure for Smartlifting takes about an hour, and it is often performed under local anesthesia. Because our practice uses the Cynosure® Smartlipo® laser, there are minimal side effects. Most patients experience less bruising and a quicker recovery. In just 3 or 4 days, you can be back at work and receiving compliments about your beautiful new look!  The Smartlipo® laser also causes a process called collagenesis, which produces new and more organized collagen. The results: fuller, tighter, and smoother skin that lasts for years!

Smartlifting procedures are often recommended for those who are looking to have a more youthful appearance. Men and women who want to eliminate the laxity or elongation of their skin are also good candidates. Many people choose Smartlifting because it:

  • Is less invasive than other facelift procedures.
  • Can make you appear younger.
  • Provides longer-lasting results than injection procedures.
  • Can help you love the way you look!

If you have any questions about Smartlifting, we invite you to call or visit our practice today!